Social Media Use

Want to post the flag on social media? Awesome! Feel free to post anywhere you want to share the message of Progress. If you want to tag me, that’s awesome too! You can find me under ‘danielquasar’ just about everywhere.

Non-Commercial Use

For any use that involves art-making that isn’t being sold, or any non-commercial use, there is a CC (BY-NC-SA) license on the design. There are art files at the bottom of this section! You do not need to ask me permission for this kind of use. Really I do not mind at all if you want to make art with the design (please do! I encourage you!) and I don’t even need you to do anything for me for it. If you want to credit me for use of the flag, that’s cool but not required.

What does attribution mean? You don't need to put my name literally on the work your making. If you want to attribute the inspiration or use of the "Progress" design to me, please feel free to do so.

Style Guide
Image File

Commercial Use

If you are a manufacturer, business, or creator who wants to create a produced product using the “Progress” Pride Flag design, please contact us. Commercial use is based on permission from the original artist.

Smaller Businesses and Creators: If you’re a small business or a smaller art-maker who wants to make a profit from something using the Progress design, please do! Reach out to us if you have questions. We’d love to be a source of information and resources to help you grow as an artist while using the Progress design, as well as provide a free license so there won’t be any hurdles down the road during your art-making.

Larger Businesses and Creators: If you’re a large and/or corporate level business or art-maker who wants to make a profit from something using the Progress design, please reach out via email and talk to us about what you’re doing. Everything scales, but is also indicative of your volume of sales, intention for use, and what you plan on making. This is where permission is most requested so that the message of the flag is retained, and support is returned to the community it serves.

We want you to be able to use the design in your work, but we also want to make sure that it is used properly, that it still supports the message of the flag, and supports the creator of the work. So please reach out if you are interested in using the design in your own work.