I'm Moving!

The shop is back open but order fulfillment will be slow for the time being as I am still packing and moving, etc. I'll update this banner as things change! (Daniel 5/10/22)


Whether you're here to support my work by purchasing my version of the flag, or you want to find the right fit for your needs, there are options! Because I believe in making friends and not competing with them, I've selected alternate versions of the Progress Pride Flag from wonderful makers who also believe in supporting the community.

When you choose an option other than "Creator's Version", you will be directed to the product pages for these shops via an affiliate link. We receive a portion of the sale this way.

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Who Is Quasar?

Daniel Quasar is a multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and musician out of Portland, OR. Their work has been featured around the world but before any of that, they were just a simple freelance designer trying to make interesting things. You can find out more about them at danielquasar.gay.

What happened?

quasar·digital started as the face for designer Daniel Quasar’s freelance design and art projects. In June 2018 during a night of insomnia-induced art-making, they created the Progress Pride Flag, which followed in viral posts, a Kickstarter campaign, and lots and lots and LOTS of discussion. Now quasar·digital has expanded into an art business, centered around creating works that are distinct, powerful, and fun.


When I'm not designing flags, I spend my spare time working on music. I've always loved making music. From the packaging to the beep boops of the notes, I craft and design every part of each release. I recently established a indie record label, QSR.


illustrations by Hugh Newell

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