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When the Pride flag was recreated in 2017 and 2018 to include both black/brown stripes, as well as the trans flag stripes, I wanted to see if there could be more emphasis in the design of the flag to elevate its message.

This new design forces the viewer to confront on their own feelings towards the original Pride flag and its meaning as well as the differing opinions on who that flag really represents, while also bringing into clear focus the current needs within our community. You can’t avoid the message as it is right there in front of you.

I challenge you as the viewer to look at this design and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings it brings up within yourself. No matter what they are, take this opportunity to reflect.

The pride flag stripes were separated from the trans, and black & brown stripes due to their difference in meaning, as well as to shift focus and emphasis to what is important in our current community climate.

The main section of the flag (background) includes the traditional Pride flag as seen in its most widely used form. This design was originally created by Gilbert Baker (though it was not his first, or even second design for the flag!) and is left intact here to honor the legacy of the meaning of the stripes, which were: life, healing, sunlight, nature, harmony/peace, spirit.

The trans flag stripes and marginalized community stripes were shifted to the Hoist of the flag and given a new chevron shape. The arrow points to the right to show forward movement, while being along the hoist edge shows that progress still needs to be made.

The Trans Pride flag was originally created by Monica Helms in 1999.

The use of black and brown was original conceptualized and created into the More Color, More Pride flag in Philly, introduced by Amber Hikes in 2017.

The use of a black stripe to represent those lost during the AIDS crisis, referred to as the Victory Over AIDS flag was suggested by Sergeant Leonard Matlovich. It is elevated here to bring awareness to the stigma surrounding those living with HIV. Red also represents AIDS Awareness and the constant search for a cure.

My thoughts and desires for what this new flag means are mine, but what does it mean to you?

Art is subjective and new meanings come from the individual who views it. So, please take this moment to find what this flag means to you as an individual and also how you might be able to impact the community as a whole through its message.

photo by Kevin Henry - Atomic Aerials


Progress is more than just a flag or a symbol, it's a message and a movement. It's an initiative giving back to those most in need within our community.

When a “Progress Initiative” product is sold within the store, 25% of sales will go towards donations made to organizations that help our community.

photo by Kevin Henry - Atomic Aerials

Who are we

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"Black AIDS Institute (BAI) is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Black community. BAI is the only uniquely and unapologetically Black HIV think and do tank in America. We believe in complete freedom for Black people by eradicating systematic oppression so that we can live long, healthy lives.

Our decisions, responses, programming, and messaging are informed by our roots, and by our core values of Black Empowerment, Equity, Impact, Self-Determination, and Integrity."

Every new Progress Inititative order in 2022 will come with a free "Red Ribbon" (while supplies last)


If you're looking for a flag to wave, there are many different options with our friends at Flags For Good. When looking for someone to make and sell flags on our behalf, FFG was the clear choice for both their work within the community, as well as their charitable efforts that permeate their entire business model. They also mirror the chosen charity that the Progress Initiative donates to from this shop.


When you click the link you will be directed to the product page for Flags For Good via an affiliate link. We receive a portion of the sale this way.


Progress Pride Flag
Progress Pride flag closeup
Progress Pride Flag
Progress Pride Flag
Progress Pride flag closeup
Progress Pride Flag

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Progress Flag | Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee
Progress Flag | Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee
Progress Flag | Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

Progress Flag | Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee




Daniel Quasar is a multi-disciplinary designer, artist, and musician out of Portland, OR. Their work has been featured around the world but before any of that, they were just a simple freelance designer trying to make interesting things.

What happened?

quasar·digital started as the face for designer Daniel Quasar’s freelance design and art projects. In June 2018 during a night of insomnia-induced art-making, they created the Progress Pride Flag, which followed in viral posts, a Kickstarter campaign, and lots and lots and LOTS of discussion. Now quasar·digital has expanded into an art business, centered around creating works that are distinct, powerful, and fun.

You can find out more about them at

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